Paramedical courses after 10th and 12th - Salary & scopes in Delhi

About Paramedical Course

What is Paramedical?

Paramedical science is the study of healthcare services. The aspiring candidates can become a successful Paramedic after completing the course in Paramedical. After joining the Paramedical course a student can get all the required knowledge and learn all the skills which are demanded by the healthcare industry. The Paramedic works under the guidance of doctors and conduct tests, perform analyses, preserve samples of tests etc. A paramedic also takes care of patients, provides the emergency services and also manages the hospital work.

After successful completion of the course, there is good career growth in the healthcare sector. A paramedic can apply for jobs in Hospitals, Pathology Labs, Clinics, Medical Emergency Department, Ambulance and many more.

There are different types of courses in Paramedical. Some of the courses are :

  • A. Medical Lab Technology : Medical Lab Technology is a program which will enable you to provide the health care services. A medical lab technology professional is skilled to perform all body fluid tests of human, generating and analysing the reports of tests and maintaining the reports/results for future references. The MLT professional plays a major role because the reports generated by him helps the doctors in detecting and treating the diseases. A medical lab technologist can provide his services in hospitals, pathology labs, clinics, research centres etc.
  • B. Patient Care Management : A professional in Patient Care Management is responsible to improve the conditions of the patient and provide him care while considering his health conditions. He is supposed to create a positive environment for the speedy recovery of the patients.
  • C. Emergency Medical Technician : Emergency Medical Technician gives the pre-hospital services in the case of a medical emergency. They are skilled to respond quickly in panic situations and provide services in medical issues like accidents, injuries, etc. He can apply for jobs in emergency departments of the hospital, ambulance etc.
  • D. General Duty Assistant : They are the individuals who provide patient care in hospitals and maintains a positive environment for patients are called as General Duty Assistant. The main duty of a General Duty Assistant is to take care of patients like helping them in eating food, changing clothes, helping patients during walking etc.
  • E. Medical Imaging Technology : It is a process which is used in hospitals to create images of the internal organs of the human body or some specific parts of the human body for medical purposes. Medical imaging is necessary for tracking illness. MRI's and CT scans help the physician to monitor it and to decide the best solution for patients. The detailed information generated by medical images can provide patients with better and good care with the help of doctors.

What skills are demanded by the industry from students?

Other than educational qualifications and course-related knowledge, the student must have the following skills :

  • - Communication Skills
  • - Can handle work smoothly
  • - General Aptitude
  • - Good Personality
  • - Personal Grooming

Difference between B. Voc. Degree & General degree programs :

B.Voc. is a work integrated degree program where the focus is on enhancing the skill component i.e. practical knowledge of the students. This program will enhance your industry skills and will make you job-ready.

Whereas in a General Degree program students will get more theoretical knowledge and Industry exposure is limited.

Procedure of Taking Admission :

So how can you take admission:
B. Sc. Degree:
There are different state-level tests for which a student can appear and can get admission. B.Sc in Paramedical is the degree program which is opted by many students. In this, a student has to select a particular field of study like B.Sc in Medical Lab Technology, B.Sc in Patient care etc. But different states have different entrance exams which creates confusion among students.
B.Voc Degree: Unlike other entrance exams for B. Voc Degree, you have to appear for a counselling session where your interests will be mapped and admission shall be granted depending upon the availability of the seats.
Diploma courses: Diploma courses are short in duration in comparison to degree courses. The duration could be 1-2 years for a diploma course. One of the best diplomas offered in Paramedical is Diploma in Medical Lab Technology approved from Indian Medical Association, IMA recognized by Govt NCT of Delhi.
You can join this diploma in Cradle Institute of Paramedical Sciences, Delhi. The duration is 2 years and the fee is affordable.