What is Hotel Management Course in Delhi

About Hotel Management

Hotel Management is a study program where students can learn how to manage hotels and other hospitality establishments. The study of hotel management helps students in developing good knowledge, best skills and a different outlook to handle the Operations, middle and high level positions in hotels and other hospitality establishments.

There are different departments in a 5 Star Hotel, cruise ship etc and during the hotel management course students have to study about each of these departments. Studies at Hotel Management Colleges in Delhi are divided into the following subjects:

1. Core Subjects
2. Non Core Subjects

Core subjects include study of departments directly offering services to Guests (Customers) visiting the hospitality establishment:

Front Office : Front office department in the hotel is the most visible area of the hotel because it is the place where guests first arrives and also interacts with the staff. We can say that front office is the face of the hotel and represents the Hotel. Front staff is trained to deal with the guests and provide them with the best facilities. The responsibilities of the front office staff is to handle and answer the phone calls, greeting guests and other work responsibilities. The staff members at the front desk should have all the knowledge about all the various facilities provided by the hotel, so that they can explain them clearly to the guests. Moreover, communication skills are the most important criteria while selecting the front office staff.

Food Production : It is the department which is involved in the process and preparation of food. If someone aspires to be a chef then he/she should have all the knowledge about the raw materials and different processes. Food production is a wide subject which is not limited to few cuisines, that is why for different cuisines hotels have different kitchen setup and specialized chefs for different cuisines. Individuals who are hardworking with willing to learn throughout their career are ideal for this department (Food Production Course).

Food and Beverage Service : Food and Beverage Service department has the responsibility of presenting and serving food and beverages to the guests or to customers. The maintenance of the premises is again the responsibility of F&B service staff. The F&B department should be well furnished and well equipped, so that it can attract customers. The staff is also responsible for taking orders, serving food and drinks, etc. Individuals who love to interact with people and can handle situations calmly that arises while working at the establishment are ideal for this department.

Housekeeping ( Accommodation Operations) : Housekeeping department also plays an important role in the hotel industry. Proper cleaning and maintenance of all the areas of the hotel is the responsibility of housekeeping staff. The housekeeping department is also responsible for cleaning and aesthetic upkeep of the hotel, laundry services, flower arrangements or decorations, maintenance, etc. We can say that a huge variety of work comes under the housekeeping departments. Excellent housekeeping is the major requirement of every hotel. This department is ideal for Individuals who are introverted and do not like to work under fluctuating work pressure. Even individuals with weak language skills can make a career in this department.

Non core Core subjects include study of allied departments:

  • - Human Resource
  • - Sales and Marketing
  • - Accounts
  • - Purchase
  • - Maintenance
  • - Security

What skills are required by industry from students ?
Basic skills which a candidate must possess are :

  • - Good Personality
  • - Communication Skills
  • - Personal Grooming
  • - Problem Solving skills
  • - Team Player
  • - General Aptitude

How you can choose the Best Hotel Management Course in Delhi?

Hotel management helps you to acquire work skills for various departments like Food Production, Front Office, Housekeeping, F&B Service etc. In today’s era, the hotel industry has become the fastest growing industry which provides lots of job opportunities for aspiring candidates.

Before you consider taking admission in Hotel Management College in Delhi, you should have knowledge about different study options you have?
Today in India, hotel management aspiring candidate can choose from a lot of courses offered by various Hotel Management Institutes, colleges and universities in India. After the introduction of Bachelor of Vocation (B. VOC.) courses by UGC in 2011, new direction has been given to the hotel management course. So let's put it straight for your better understanding :

1 - If you want to study a traditional Hotel Management Program you can choose a degree that can be of 3 or 4 years duration. The duration of the course depends on the type of the college selected by you. The IHMs and many other universities offer 3 years degree program whereas AICTE approved colleges offers 4 years degree program. These programs or degrees are offered since last many years, IHMs and other colleges offers the degree in Hotel Management which follows the traditional approach to provide knowledge to students that is a mix of theoretical and practical studies.
The fee structure of these study programs is High, you can opt for these programs considering you have the finances to cover up the costs, including course fees and accommodation expenses.
To pursue this type of program you have to spend somewhere between INR 1,00,000/- to 3,00,000/- per year. IHM Pusa (pertinent to mention a Govt Institute) is charging an average yearly fees of INR 117883/- per year for 2019-22.

2 - If you want to gain more practical Experience. You can consider studying B.Voc degree in Hotel Management. It totally a new concept in comparison to traditional Bachelors in Hotel Management study program.

B.Voc is offered by the many UGC recognised Universities and we will give you the path to fill your professional dream.

The fee structure which is offered by the University is 100000/- Per Year.

The Hotel School is the training hub partner with UGC recognised universities and offers the OJT to the students at the 5 star hotels in Delhi.

Difference between B.Voc degrees & other traditional degree programs:

B.Voc Degree in Hotel Management

  • - The main idea behind the B.Voc degree program is to provide real life practicals at the hotel industry and theory classes at the Training Hub Partner like The Hotel School.
  • - It is a work integrated degree program which provides industry exposure throughout the program, starting from the first semester.
  • - Fees structure is low, students get a chance to earn while they are pursuing the degree. This helps students to get financial independence.
  • - After the completion of this program, students get degree as well as experience which helps them in getting a good career growth in comparison to fresher graduate.
  • - Students get less time to learn concepts and prepare themselves for the industry before joining.

IHMs and other degree programs in HM

  • Traditional degree program provides both practical and theoretical training at the institute’s premises. Here practicals happens at the lab.
  • - Students get industry exposure after 2nd or 3rd year of training program.
  • - Students get plenty of time to learn concepts and prepare themselves for the industry before joining.
  • - The fee structure is quite high as the student has to bear the cost of study and raw materials consumed at the labs.
  • - After completion of this program students has to apply as a fresher.

3 - If you want to Specialize in a Single Department then you can study Craft Courses or Diploma Courses. These programs focus on one Department only, like Food Production or Bakery and Confectionery or Food and Beverage Service or Front Office or Accommodation Operation, etc and provides specialized skills in that particular department only. The duration of these courses is 1 to 2 years. It is a better option for those aspirants who have clear vision and who knows which department they want to work in. Also fees structure of these courses is affordable because they are short duration courses. You can also consider taking admissions in The Hotel School which is offering lots of Specialisation courses.

3 - If you are a Graduate and want to have a career in hotel management then you can opt for short term programs like Craft Courses or Diploma Courses, where just by studying for 1 year you can easily get a job in the hospitality industry. You can also opt for Diploma or Certificate courses in Hotel Management or Hospitality offered by many Hotel Management Institutes in India. You may apply at The Hotel School in this case.

Application and Selection Procedures for taking admission in various Hotel Management Courses in Delhi:

Application and Selection Procedures for Hotel Management Degree Programs:

In India, for admission in B.Sc. In Hospitality & Hotel Administration from NCHMCT aspiring candidates can apply for NCHMCT-JEE exam, for admissions in AICTE approved Bachelor in Hotel Management aspirant can apply with affiliating university or Hotel Management college, which will help in getting the admission in top hotel management colleges all over India.

  • Eligibility to Apply : Appearing or Pass in 10+2 or equivalent
  • Forms Out : December
  • Exam : April
  • Result : May
  • Counselling : June-July
  • Above schedule is subject to change

Application and Selection Procedures for Hotel Management B.Voc. Degree Programs:

Unlike the NCHMCT exam, in B.Voc degree from TISS-SVE the student don’t need to go through any difficult or time consuming procedures. For admission in TISS-SVE, you can directly apply at hub partners like The Hotel School. You just have to appear for a general interview and counselling session at the training hub partner, where you are informed about basic attributes required to undergo this program and expectations industry have from you. Once you understand the programs and accept the terms laid down by TISS-SVE, you can join.

  • Eligibility to Apply : Pass in 10+2 or equivalent
  • Forms Out : May and November
  • Counselling : June-July/ December-January
  • Above schedule is subject to change

Application and Selection Procedures for Craft and Diploma courses in Hotel Management:

To get admission in Craft or Diploma courses, you will be selected on merit basis. After that, on the basis of merit the admission will be offered.

  • Eligibility to Apply : Pass in 10 or 10+2 or equivalent or Graduates
  • Forms Out : May
  • Merit List : June-July
  • Admissions: July
  • Above schedule is subject to change

Some of the courses you can consider taking admission are :

  • Food Production (General)
  • Baker and Confectioner
  • Food and Beverage Service Associate and many more...

Application and Selection Procedures for Skill Development courses in Hotel Management:

There is direct admissions criteria in skill and specialization courses, admissions will be given on a first come basis. The purpose of these courses is to provide industry specific skills to candidates.

  • Eligibility to Apply : Pass in 10 or 10+2 or equivalent or Graduates
  • Forms Out : May
  • Admissions: May- August
  • Above schedule is subject to change

Some of the courses you can consider taking admission are :

  • Commi Chef
  • Trainee Chef and many more...