About B.Voc

What is B.VOC

B.Voc is a work intererated Bachelors of Vocation degree programme. This degree is a skill focused specialized undergraduate bachelor’s degree program approved by the University Grants Commission, UGC offered at many universities across India. The purpose of B.Voc degree is to concentrate on making the students job ready for different industries which will help them in increasing the probability of employability for themself. This degree aims to build individual capabilities and provides them industry skills and exposure.

The Degree is offered by the UGC recognised universities. This degree program will provides you the platform where you can get the maximum of the lab oriented and practical knowledge. Because in B.Voc degree the training period of students starts from the very first day and the time which they spend in industry during the training will be counted as an experience after completion of degree. This experience will benefit the students in many ways and will take a student ahead in comparison to other students. Moreover, with this experience you will not remain a fresher for the industry.

The purpose of B.Voc degree is only to get first hand industry exposure and knowledge to students which will help them in enhancing their skills and get better job opportunities.