Paramedical Institute in Delhi

Scope Of Paramedical Science in Delhi

Paramedical Institute in Delhi

The ongoing pandemic has thrown light on how there is a severe shortage of infrastructure and trained manpower during crisis situations like the raging Corona infection. During the coming times, there is definitely going to be a big requirement for trained paramedic staff. There are already many paramedical institutes in Delhi that offer paramedic courses to students. Read on for this quick fact-checker…

Why choose paramedical sciences?

The importance and scope of paramedics is constantly increasing with technological advancements in healthcare. The healthcare industry in India is projected to reach $372 bn by the year 2022. Broadly the healthcare industry comprises of hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance and medical equipment. This industry is growing at a tremendous pace owing to strengthening of insurance coverage, increase of medical tourism, increase in government expenditure and increase of private players.

India is a developing country. Every city of the country is witnessing a growth in hospitals to cater to the medical demands of this vast population. As a consequence, the health care sector is witnessing a significant gap between the availability and need of skilled Paramedics. Therefore, the scope of Paramedical Education in India is immense.

In the modern world, Paramedical Science has emerged as an integral part of the health care sector. This branch of medical science deals with the diagnosis and treatment of various health problems and diseases using diagnostic tools, clinical labs, ultrasound, X-rays, CT scans, MRIs and involves support services in the fields of geriatrics, audiology, physiotherapy and opthamology.

Paramedical Education in India

The current system of health care/ medical education in India has not been able to keep up with the increased demand for healthcare professionals across the country. In order to bridge this need, government institutions as well as private colleges all across the country are offering specialized paramedical courses to students. One of the well-known paramedical institute in Delhi is The Healthcare School.

The Healthcare School is run under the umbrella of International Skills Academy (ISA). The International Skills Academy is a premier skills training academy set up in 2011, with the sole objective of imparting skill based quality education to students in the fields of paramedical sciences and hospitality.

The courses offered by the Healthcare School are recognised by UGC and NAAC accredited Universities. The institute is a partner with prestigious bodies like National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council (THSC) which are initiatives by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India.

The institute boasts of excellent infrastructure and modern classrooms to provide theoretical and practical training to students. Helped by an experienced faculty and an industry active placement cell, The Healthcare School has made a name for itself within a short span of time. Quality curriculum based on latest technological updates and focus on soft skills like communication have helped the institute stand out from amongst the numerous paramedical institutes in Delhi.


The institute offers degree as well as diploma courses which are open to students after completing Class 12th.

Degree course in Medical lab Technology

Open for Science stream students

In this course students undergo specialized training on conducting biochemical analysis of body fluids like blood, urine, sputum, faeces, skin. They learn about storing, collecting and processing samples, analysing them by conducting tests for various diseases. Students learn to prepare reports and conduct accurate, error free testing. Jobs avenues are opened in labs, hospitals, diagnostic centres, serological-micro biological research.

Degree course in patient care management

Open for students of all streams.

This course aims to transform students into professionals who can take care of in-patient and OPD (out-patient ward) patients. Students are trained to become providing ancilliary services in pediatrics, geriatrics, cardiac care, oncology care through basic nursing procedures, patient ambulation, storekeeping, biomedical waste disposal, health care management, operations management etc.

Certification course in emergency medical technician

Open for students of all streams.

The course aims to train students to provide assistance during emergency situations like childbirth, falls, slips, heart attacks, accidents, gunshot wounds, natural calamities, fire etc. Students are trained to provide vital services, following medical protocols and adhering to first aid mechanisms. They are given knowledge of primary medicines, backboards, stretchers while transporting patients. They learn to analyse and report the condition of the patient.

General Duty Assistant course

Open to Students above the age of 18 years, even if they completed only Class 10th

This course is aimed to train students to help patients who are unable to take care of themselves and perform their daily activities. General Duty Assistants are responsible for daily care of patients by helping in activities, exercises, feeding, medicines etc.

Students can gain employment in hospitals, clinics, homecare and geriatric care centres.

There are many other paramedical courses from which students can choose their ideal fit based on their interest levels. Today when healthcare is witnessing a massive upheaval thinking of a career in paramedics would surely give you social standing as well as a good pay packet. Do remember to reach out to the best paramedical institutes in Delhi.