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Degree in Hotel Management in Haldwani

Degree in Hotel Management Haldwani

Hospitality industry and hotel management are two sides of the same coin. With the increase of tourism in states like Uttarakhand, the hospitality industry is on a steady increase in this mountain state. This is a good time for students to opt for careers in this industry. Here is how you can enroll for a diploma or degree in Hotel Management in Haldwani.

India has always been a tourist hotspot due to its rich cultural tradition and numerous historical monuments. Apart from regular tourists wanting to experience nature, it is quite popular to have yoga tours, wellness tours in Uttarakhand. Tourism industry is always strongly supported by the hospitality industry.

First let us know the difference Between hospitality industry and hotel management.

Hotel management, is the study that covers all aspects of managing and maintaining a hotel. It involves understanding and training in all day to day hotel operations. Hospitality industry is a broad term that includes servicing guests in all forms of establishments like hotels, cruise liners, tourist guesthouses, inns, motels, and even nightclubs, casinos and restaurants.

What do you learn in hotel management?

In hotel management all aspects of hotel operations are taught to students. The aim of this course is to train those who wish to work in the hotel industry the knowledge and expertise to become competent hotel managers. After completion of the course, students can aim for jobs anywhere in the hospitality sector as all guest servicing units require well-trained staff to ensure customer satisfaction.

Broadly a diploma or degree in hotel management teaches you:

Handle guest enquiries, their reservations and accommodate their last minute changes.

How to prepare rooms for guests, handle laundry and other items of room service

food production concepts

Servicing at restaurants, bars and lounges

Eligibility criteria

Students can opt after completing Class 12th, from any stream. There are many colleges which offer such courses, but students should always look for good institutes that can secure their future and give them hands on experience and value for money.

The Hotel School, with campuses in Haldwani, Pithoragarh and Delhi is a front runner in the field of skill education.

The Hotel School is operated under the aegis of International Skills Academy (ISA), a premier skills training institute. It was set up in 2011, with the sole objective of transforming students to trained and effective manpower. The ISA also operates the Cuisine School, The Healthcare School and the Travel School as part of its initiative.

The Hotel School offers a diploma and a Degree in Hotel Management and also offers a one-year Diploma in Food Production in Delhi.

The Hotel School is an affiliated training provider of Tourism and Hospitality Sector Skill Council, National Skill Development Corporation under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India.

Features of The Hotel School

Students are taught in detail about the various aspects of hotel operations including food and beverage, bakery and confectionary, front office & reception, housekeeping, accounts management etc. The students are also trained in soft skills like functional english, grooming etiquettes and communication skills so that they can become well rounded professionals

Through its unique Work Integrated Programme, The Hotel School ensures that students get mandatory practical training with best hotels along with adequate theoretical knowledge. Its quality curriculum, experienced faculty, modern infrastructure, well networked placement cell and focus on development of soft skills make the degree in hotel management in Haldwani a complete package for students.

The Hotel School operates a well-maintained website that has details on its courses. Admission details for the year, enquiry windows, contact details and even a virtual tour of the institute are all available in the website.

If skilled education or vocation course is what you are looking for, then the degree in hotel management in Haldwani offered by The Hotel School can give you a terrific start.