B Voc in Hotel Management in Delhi

B. Voc in Hotel Management in Delhi

Paramedical Institute in Delhi

International skills academy is known for its indigenous way of encouraging fervor for food. ISA guarantees an idealistic learning which is not only as per Indian standards but the students are equipped with skills to acquire the most astonishing positions in hospitality industry. As there are no boundaries in hospitality industry, a student can make a place on pinnacle of intercontinental hotel chains only through comprehensive training. ISA assures that food preparation is a fusion of traditional and time-honored cuisines with pioneering and avant-garde ideas.

How getting into hospitality industry can be a golden opportunity?

They say that gold is indeed precious and to generate that value gold has to burn in heat. The same philosophy is followed in hospitality industry as with a smidgen of strenuous endeavors one experiences sparkling success which is far above that dreamland we all fascinate about. The most exceptional thing about this industry is that it is tailor-made through talent and no individual would not like to compromise on taste as everyone on this earth earns to fulfill the undying desire for food. Therefore, people are ready to pay any amount of money for rapturous experience of food. Numerous hotel management courses have been introduced but a key inclination is observed towards B.voc in hotel management in Delhi as it assures elaborated knowledge of exquisite aspects of hotel management.

All it takes to be ahead of time through terrific learning at ISA

ISA is indeed an astonishing academy that nurtures students through four of its institutes namely: The hotel school, The culinary school, The travel school and The health care school. Countless applications are received in all these institutes. In order to apply for hospitality courses at ISA one must possess the following:

  • For B.voc in Hotel Management in Delhi a candidate may apply after passing 12th standard. The tenure of this course is 3 years which ensures elaborated understanding of all aspects of hotel management is provided to students.
  • For other certification courses of bartending, restaurant management and bakery a candidate may apply after passing 12th standard.

What ISA offers to ensure effervescent learning?

ISA offers countless amenities to ascertain that top class culinary skills are cultivated. The following facilities are provided to students:

  • Learning through remarkable assignments: various tasks and activities are assigned to students in order to provide an environment for hardheaded learning
  • Continuous evaluation
  • Self motivated learning
  • The most knowledgeable experts of industry design the program of study
  • Veteran faculties
  • Varied labs for various departments
  • Focus on knowledge as well as proficiency
  • Guest lecture by high-flying chefs
  • Seminars and workshops for reducing trepidation of facing job interviews
  • Mock Bar for practical experience of preparing luscious beverages
Placement at ISA: Triumph through talent

All the four colleges of ISA are applauded for awe-inspiring placements. With a placement record of cent percent ISA assures copious credible opportunities to students. Each and every student is placed on a fantastic job position.